WisePorter Release Notes 5/2022

Hot summer brings a new WisePorter version. What are its highlights?

For business users

PIM Business user

Performance starts with the effectiveness of product lists 

Be productive when working with a high number of product items – WisePorter can adjust perfectly to the daily work of individual business users exactly according to their role. Now it is possible to set up the lists of products as you need them. 

You can:

  • Define your own columns in the product overview
  • Show/hide individual columns as you need 
  • Set up the order of individual columns to see the most important information first

Data in, data out

Exports and imports of product data do not need to be solved individually for each of our customers anymore. WisePorter as a product now offers an out-of-the-box configurable mechanism for exporting any Catalog data into an excel sheet. And the same for the import back to Catalog. 

Making the multilanguage life easier

In this release, we put even more effort to improve the user experience when speaking about text translations into other languages. WisePorter provides an easy way for users to validate and edit text translations across all product attributes, show or hide individual language settings and even use HTML formatting when needed. 

For administrators

PIM Administrator

Repeatable data structures where have you been so long?

The long-awaited feature is finally here. What is it good for? Imagine the situation when you need to define product attributes, but you do not know in advance how many data instances you will need. For example when marketing texts should be shared across all sales channels for one product, but individualised for each sales channel in case of another product. With collections, it is a piece of cake now. You simply define a data structure and let the user decide how many times he/she wants to use it on the product. Inheritance of values from product type level to product variants is fully supported.

For the operation

PIM Operation

GUI performance optimization

The performance of Filters is another major topic of this release. We improved the performance of filters by full-text search engine tuning. By changing how filters work, filtering is blazing fast again, 20 times faster than before.

Cloud operation metrics enhanced

A lot of non-functional requirements related to a reliable and smooth operation in the cloud have been implemented. And the next release will bring even more.

Stay tuned.


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