WisePorter in the energy industry:
Reduce your costs by 30% thanks to automation. Use customized offers to increase client loyalty.

For producers, distributors and price comparison providers

Ensure that your clients don’t leave you for your competitors. Secure client loyalty by providing them with excellent services and attractive offers of product packages. Your team can create such offers in WisePorter themselves, without requesting any help from IT.

WisePorter smart product catalog can also help you in other areas:

What you can do with WisePorter yourselves in a few clicks

Increase customer loyalty with exclusive product packages 

Offer your clients more for the same price – based on their situation and their needs:

  • Add data or mobile services to your energy tariffs
  • Offer attractive photovoltaic or heating sets
  • Offer additional installation, inspection and maintenance services
  • Offer smart home and mobility services

Automate your processes

Automation will help you speed up the provider switching or supply point registration processes and improve their reliability at the same time. With this support and speed, your clients will have no reason to change their minds in the meantime:

  • Configuration of the whole provider switching and supply point registration processes for individual products and suppliers
  • Configuration of customer pampering steps during the process (info e-mails, notifications, additional offers)
  • Configuration of typical duration of each step in the process, so that the operators could respond to non-standard situations in time

Understand available offers on the energy market

WisePorter will help you understand which of the tariffs currently available on the market is the most appropriate for each client:

  • Overview of available suppliers and their tariffs
  • Identification of relevant electricity or gas tariffs based on the client’s needs and location
  • Information on the supplier as well as the tariff’s terms and conditions

Win with quality, not price

Use WisePorter to offer your customers more than the competition does:

  • Attractive sets for mobility, photovoltaics or Internet of Things
  • Tariffs for calling or data
  • Superior services and care


WisePorter digital product catalog will allow you to process most client requests on-line:

  • Fully automatically
  • Up to 30% cheaper
  • Always with the latest data
  • With regular client interaction

Key take-aways: 3 ways,
in which WisePorter will make your work easier


By processing client requirements on-line, you will reduce your costs and grant your clients more comfort in dealing with you.


Automate your processes and avoid costly human errors.


Rather than racing to the bottom with price, attract the clients by offering them more than your competitors do.

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