About us

Let us introduce the team behind WisePorter product catalog. Afterall, these are the people you will meet during the project.

The values we share

We don’t have a mission statement hanging on the wall, but there are some key principles underlying everything we do.

  1. Professional pride

    WisePorter is not a simple piece of software and developing it is often painful. But we will make it as best as we can, even if it means re-writing some parts three times around.

  2. Curiosity

    We always look at how things work, we ask about their purpose, we listen to others explaining what they do and how. If we don’t know something, we learn it. Because being stuck in a routine, in “we have always done it that way” will stop us from improving.

  3. The power of difference

    We have been working together for a long time and despite many differences, we know how to operate as a team. We can agree on anything that doesn’t cause problems to the others. Whether it is about trying out a different role in the team, taking a two-month break in the summer or whether Mac is better than Windows (although the last one tends to be a bit sensitive).

  4. We play fair

    Some days are better and some days are worse, just like everywhere. But we speak about our problems openly and we deal with them together. We celebrate together, suffer together, laugh together. The team is composed of people who trust in long-term relationships more than in short-term victories.

We all want to build the world our way. We want to spend our time dealing with important things which move us forward, not waste it on futility. We want to go to bed knowing that we are exactly where we should be in our lives and we’re doing exactly what we should be doing there. Whether we have just scored a great success or made a horrible mistake, it was our own decision and our own responsibility. We have learned from both the good and the bad and we will do it even better next time.

Tomáš, Patrik, Ondra and Filip
OpenWise MTB team – Petr and Radek

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