WisePorter in eCommerce:
scalability, personalization and partner involvement

For e-shops, marketplaces, and order management

Golden age of on-line shopping for products and services has come. Embrace it and use WisePorter to:

What you can do with WisePorter yourselves in a few clicks

Performance, automation and stability

Move your e-shop to the next level and prepare to grow. Even if everyone suddenly decides to buy from you, you will be ready:

  • Potential for millions of products and orders
  • Unlimited scalability – you can scale up or down as needed, anytime
  • Configurable order management process
  • Your customers will appreciate the fluent and painless performance of your system

More attractive product offering

Offer more than your competitors:

  • Product packages and product sets at advantageous prices
  • Flexible packages with arbitrary contents and calculated price
  • Additional services and accessories
  • Cross-sell and up-sell scenarios
  • Alternative products
  • Campaigns and events – sale, product launch, holidays
  • Personalized offers

Involve your partners

Help them sell through your e-shop easily. Reduce your own cost of publishing their offering:

  • Administration GUI for partners
  • Approval of partners’ offerings by e-shop administrators
  • Access privileges management for individual partners
  • Combination of more partners’ products in your packages
  • Automated distribution of orders to partners

Product variants

Simplify your work:

  • Add variants to your products – for example, more sizes of the same shirt or more colors of the same furniture
  • If it’s the same, you only enter it once. If it’s different, it gets its own space. Simple and clear.

Personalized offers

Use everything you know about each customer to offer relevant products:

  • Discounts for registered clients
  • Discounts for clients with a large purchase volume
  • Offers based on their previous purchases
  • Specific offers for students or managers
  • Different topped products for men and women

Automated order processing

You won’t need to use “sorry, too busy” or “our mistake” ever again:

  • Automated processing is faster and far cheaper than manual processing
  • Avoid human mistakes and their negative impact on your clients

Key take-aways: 3 ways,
in which WisePorter will make your work easier


All information about your products, prices, campaigns, partners and services in one place.


Automated import of product and price information from suppliers as well as automated preparation and export of customers’ orders to your partners.


Offer each client exactly what they need, for the price they expect. Gain their loyalty, so that they keep coming back. Change your e-shop into their e-shop.

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