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What your business gains

What your customers gain

What your IT can do now

All of this is feasible even if you are a large, traditional bank or insurance company. Yes, we can hear you say:

“Our internal environment is too complicated for this.”

Maybe it is. But we have no ambition to overhaul your bank’s infrastructure with hundreds of mission-critical systems. On the contrary, we specifically aim at areas where it makes most sense. Working closely with you, we will identify and solve specific problems with highest added value and lowest risk – typically internet- and mobile-banking, where your competitors have been stealing your customers.

If, on the other hand, you are a new bank, financial advisory company, or insurance comparison site, WisePorter will help you establish an extremely flexible architecture right from the start. You will maintain your ability to react to market changes for many years to come.

What you can do yourselves with
WisePorter in a few clicks

Offer personalization

Offer the most relevant products to your clients and increase the conversion rate using everything you know about them to personalize your offers:

  • Segmentation
  • Client’s needs
  • Product rules
  • Client’s creditworthiness and credit risk
  • Client’s overall value across all your (or even your group’s) products
  • Campaigns and prepared packages

Parameter calculation

The whole sales process can be driven from one place:

  • Automated evaluation of the collected parameters and other data in order to further drive the sales process
  • Individual offers
  • Fees to be charged
  • Additional services and packages
  • Alternative products
  • Evaluation of limits, exceptions and approval authorities
  • Simulations and calculations, such as interest rates, payments, APRC, etc.

Offer comparison

Don’t create set products and search for possible customers. Rather, create flexible products with parameters which will help you better address specific needs of your clients:

  • Search for relevant products based on the client’s needs
  • Compare multiple options based on their parameters (fees, insurance coverage, APRC, interest rate, etc.)
  • Location within the client’s life path (e.g. a mortgage is followed by a loan for house equipment)

Time to market

Start selling your new products in minutes, not months. This is not an exaggeration, this is perfectly possible. Present your proposals to the clients at the right time:

  • Product managers can change the products themselves. 
  • No waiting for the IT department or vendor to make the changes.
  • Changing your product offer costs you nothing, it can be done in a few clicks.

Business tool for human users

All settings in one place with a user-friendly interface. Your employees don’t need to be IT experts to configure your offerings:

  • Product packages
  • Additional services
  • Interest rates and fees

Move sales from your branches to on-line

What you gain:

  • The same level of personalization, individualization, and exceptions that your clients expect in personal meetings can now be delivered by the computer
  • Indulge your clients with personalized service from the comfort of their homes
  • Reduce your costs

Documentation and price lists

Automated processes will ensure that all product changes are automatically reflected in:

  • Contractual documentation
  • Price lists
  • Methodology

Product change management

Avoid the mountains of e-mails and excel sheets. Have a clean picture about:

  • Who should be involved in each step of a new product’s creation
  • Who should be informed about a product change
  • Where in its lifecycle a product is and what needs to be done next

Group identity of a client

Profit from being a part of a group:

  • Use the information you have about the client to the benefit of the whole group
  • Give your valued customer the same care throughout the whole group
  • Offer them the whole group’s products in one place
  • Make them feel the benefit of being a customer of a big company
  • Offer more than your competitors

Key take-aways: 3 ways,
in which WisePorter will make your work easier


Give your product managers a tool which will allow them to change your offering themselves, quickly and without a time-consuming IT project.


Move the majority of your sales processes to on-line and let your clients solve their needs from the comfort of their homes, whilst reducing your office costs.


Use the group knowledge, partner offers and all client-related information you have to sell them what they really need at the time.

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