WisePorter in pharmacology:
Supply chain automation

For pharmacies, producers and distributors

WisePorter will ensure the drugs’ seamless flow from producers through distributors to pharmacies. Forget about manual processing of orders or re-typing the distributor codes.

What you can do with WisePorter yourselves in a few clicks

Overview of available drug offerings

All necessary information available at your fingertips:

  • Repository of available drugs and their parameters
  • Information about on-demand availability
  • Recommendations about other drugs with the same active ingredient and dosage form for a better price
  • Drug recommendations based on category, symptoms or interaction with other drugs
  • Electronic package inserts and documentation
  • Promos and campain selection lists

Automated order processing

The whole sales process can be driven from one place:

  • Overview of distributors’ offers 
  • Price comparison, including individual deals
  • Consideration for volume discounts and bonuses
  • Automated verification of regulatory limits on margins
  • Automated translation of product codes between pharmacies, distributors and producers
  • Automated order preparation and processing
  • Automated order status tracking and notification of changes

Information portal for clients

Offer your clients, the pharmacies, easy access to information and become their first choice among distributors:

  • Information about each client’s orders history
  • Information about changes to products and prices
  • Information about new drugs
  • information about product availability
  • Package inserts available for download

Drugs specifications and alternatives

Understand available options and their alternatives:

  • Find appropriate alternatives to unavailable or expensive drugs
  • Consider information about contraindications and side-effects of each drug

Price lists and discounts

Know precisely:

  • What your available margin is with each distributor
  • If you are entitled for a volume discount
  • Whether a sale event is underway

Key take-aways: 3 ways,
in which WisePorter will make your work easier


All information about offers, partners, prices and orders in one place.


Forget about manually rewriting orders and searching for product codes. The computer will do it for you reliably in no time.


Always work with the best available purchase price, including all campaigns, volume discounts and individual deals.

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