WisePorter for telco operators:
Increase customer loyalty with unique offering and high performance

For network and virtual operators

Government regulations have made it easy for clients to switch operators. Even if your signal is perfect, your coverage is close to 100% and your prices are low, disloyal customers can disappear in no time.

Be sure to increase loyalty and bind your customers with:

What you can do with WisePorter yourselves in a few clicks

Proposal personalization

What your new e-shop could offer:

  • Packages, additional services
  • Discounted handsets
  • Bonus packages with free units
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Alternative products
  • Special conditions for existing or new customers
  • Exclusive bonuses for VIP clients

Synergy with your partners

Offer more than your competitors:

  • Automated import of hardware parameters from suppliers
  • Combinations of mobile and fixed services
  • Discounted hardware from partners’ offering
  • Employee programs
  • Loyalty programs
  • Offers from other national providers in your group
  • Offers of local providers

Time to market

Handle operations management the way it should be – operative, meaningful and swift:

  • Give your product managers a tool allowing them to make product changes themselves and immediately.
  • Free the hands of your IT for further strategic development and new areas.

A powerful source of data for on-line

Prevent the volume of data requests from on-line channels from slowing down your call center and back-office:

  • WisePorter can operate as a standalone powerful source of data for on-line channels, completely independent of your call center and back-office.
  • WisePorter allows you to create on-line scenarios not supported by your CRM or other systems.

Product configurators

Allow your clients or sales partners to configure complex compositions based on their own ideas and the technical parameters of your products:

  • Selection of eligible products
  • Selection of extension services and accessories
  • Verification of service availability based on technical parameters, geographic location or client’s contract conditions
  • Continual price re-calculation during the process
  • Automated transformation of the resulting configuration into a proposal or a purchase order

Discounted hardware

Easily manage discounted hardware offered with selected services and contracts:

  • Discounted handsets combined with tariffs
  • Automated payment schedule and T&C preparation

Automated order processing

Minimize human errors caused by manual order processing:

  • Automated conversion of customer orders to technical products
  • Automated ordering and provisioning documentation

Key take-aways: 3 ways,
in which WisePorter will make your work easier


Give your product managers a tool allowing them to make product changes themselves and immediately, without an IT project.


Configure the ordering and provisioning processes yourselves and change them at will. The logic is not hard-coded in the system.


Gain a really powerful source of product data for your on-line channels.

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