WisePorter v1.0 Release Notes

We’re excited to share the latest enhancements with the release of WisePorter version 1.0. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Working with products faster and more efficiently. You already know that WisePorter is flexible and allows business users to modify products, add parameters and attributes. To make working with products even faster, we have added the ability to go directly from a parameter to its attributes. One click takes you to a place where you can edit the name, label or add another attribute to the parameter, such as weight.

Filters at Your Fingertips. As a user, you can create and use as many filters as you like. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of which ones you have activated. That’s why, in the new version, we’ve highlighted active filters for clarity.

Easy product imports. Did you know that you can easily upload and update products using Excel? You can create as many import templates as you like, add parameters to them and use them to perform migrations. For these purposes, it is useful to know and quickly find the path to the parameters (their code), so we have added it directly to the product parameter details.

Quick Search Results. We’ve added an auto-complete so that the search text is displayed instantly as you type.

Interface Enhancements. In keeping with the latest trends, we’ve updated the MUI to the latest version, making WisePorter even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Dark Mode Option. To reduce eye strain, we’ve included a dark mode setting that keeps users comfortable in any lighting condition.

Storytelling with Images. Want your product images to tell a story that not only informs, but engages and inspires your customers to buy? Great, that’s why we’ve developed new functionality that makes it easy to determine the order in which your attachments appear in sales channels such as your eshop. You can also categorise your images into logical content groups for greater clarity. WisePorter comes with these categories preset, but you can customise them to suit your needs.

Easier attachment management. WisePorter allows you to work with attachments in several ways. You can upload any attachment, from images, videos and PDFs to 3D models, directly from your computer to the catalog. But what if you have external storage or want to download images from the manufacturer? WisePorter can handle that too. It allows you to reference attachments or download them from external storage into the catalog. With the new version, you no longer need to manually download these external attachments. WisePorter does this automatically during the initial upload.

Background processes. WisePorter allows you to keep track of running tasks, such as when you perform an import, export or bulk product change. You can see their details, when they were run and their progress. We’ve now added the ability to cancel a process, so you can stop it with one click.

Performance Boost. We’ve worked on the performance of the application and dramatically reduced the processing time for imports and exports. Imports are now 3x faster, exports are now 2x faster. We’ve also optimised the speed of validation when the product transitions to the active state.

Technical news.

  • We’ve moved to higher library versions, the new version runs on Java 17 and Spring Boot 3.
  • We’ve improved the observability capabilities so that when a problem is fixed in the application, we can see it immediately.
  • It is now possible to set the maximum size of uploaded files.

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