WisePorter Release 2022.4

We are delighted to announce the release of WisePorter 0.12 as part of the WisePorter 2022.4 release train. This update contains a range of exciting features and enhancements. Notable changes include:

Data in, data out

We have enhanced our Excel Exports and Imports functionality to provide more seamless transfer of data between Excel and WisePorter. Now, users can easily export products, prices, enumerations, and any other information, modify them in Excel and import back into WisePorter as needed. We have been steadily improving this feature to ensure that it is as user-friendly as possible. This is a part of our long-term strategy to make WisePorter a system that can be used by business people with minimum dependence on IT support for everyday tasks.

Here are some other highlights:

  • No more limits when importing large volumes of data. We have completely redesigned the way imports behave (see Job Management Framework below) so that WisePorter can import huge volumes in the background without timing out.
  • Export all available parameters easily! Users can now specify that they want to export all parameters associated with a product, rather than listing out the parameters they wish to have in the export.
  • Named values – If you are exporting products that use links to other records, you can now export not only the code of the referenced record but also its name in any language, making the data report more understandable for the user.
  • Importing and exporting multilanguage attributes is much easier now. This significantly improves work with translations and reduces the time you need to bring your product offer to new markets. 
  • Full-sync mode is an incredibly useful tool when there is a system outside of WisePorter that is the primary source of data. This mode allows to “mirror” the primary data into WisePorter with minimal effort. Unlike the “normal” import mode, which only creates and updates records in Wiseporter, full-sync also removes them if they are not present in the imported data.
  • WisePorter brings improved compatibility with Excel data types, allowing users to transfer information between the two platforms easily. Cells in MS Excel automatically recognize the type of data stored in them, and WisePorter now makes use of these data types, making it easy to export and import information correctly.
  • WisePorter now offers the ability to export and import multivalue attributes. For example, when creating a T-shirt product, it is possible to assign multiple sizes such as “S”, “M”, “L” and “XL” to the attribute. This provides more options and flexibility when creating products.

Support for long-running processes

We have worked hard to incorporate a Job Management Framework (JMF) into WisePorter, and it is finally here! This new addition allows an unlimited number of items to be imported. It is just the beginning of how JMF will improve the user experience. 

By using JMF, we have unlocked new potential in WisePorter and are now able to provide users with a more user-friendly experience.

JMF opens the way to bulk operations on a much wider scale, including changes to meta information (e.g. data types or parameter codes) which need to be reflected in existing data. This will give the users much more power and control over their changes to the data model.

Search Prices by Product Properties

We enhanced filtering options. WisePorter can provide an overview of the internal components of composite products (e.g. attachments or sets with components) and also fully work with the attributes of the products they are associated with.


The search and filtering performance of the system has been greatly improved, even when WisePorter is under heavy load. Additionally, the size limitations of Business Entities have been removed (e.g. price lists with lots of prices in them).

Polishing the UI

We have made great strides in improving the visual presentation of our numeric parameters, icons, number input fields, data types, and other elements. This makes the user experience much more intuitive and less confusing. We have also taken additional measures to prevent accidental category deletion. There are many more exciting changes on the horizon, so stay tuned!  

NFRs and technical stuff

We continuously work to ensure WisePorter remains secure and reliable through regular updates of libraries and frameworks. Additionally, our Oracle Database support has been enhanced for even greater efficiency.


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