WisePorter Release 2022.3

We are thrilled to announce that WisePorter version 0.11 as part of the planned WisePorter 2022.3 release train is now available.

This time we have amazing improvements mainly for integrators and administrators. What notable changes you can find?

Integrate, integrate, integrate – and understand each other

The Product Catalog is in the middle of everything. It imports products from many different sources, from vendors, ERP and CRM systems, and it needs to deal with a wide set of various IDs, EANs and GTINs for the same record.

This is exactly what the greatest improvement of this version solves. You can define as many aliases for the same record as you need, use them for mapping during imports, for searching in the GUI and within API requests on catalog data. All of this works extremely quickly, without the delays usuallly associated with translating codes. The same is valid not only for products themselves, but for any other type of data in the catalog including the codebooks as well. Integration of the same data from different sources has never been easier.

Save time with the Improved Inheritance

We are excited to introduce a much-anticipated improvement. So far, your own data types did not include the option to define enumerations, default values, mandatory or optional fields, etc. All these settings were done on the objects which used these data types. Since this new version, you can define these settings directly on the data type itself.

Example from real life? One of many? All your types of products have the same parameter Colour. But now you can decide whether all these product types will share the same set of possible colour values, or whether you prefer to use a different palette for different product types. Both options are now possible and the choice is fully up to you. The inheritance mechanism is preserved, so the default palette can still be easily overridden for specific product types.

Configurable user interface

Do you need to configure menu structure, filters, lists, item details,…? If you are an advanced user, it is a piece of cake now. You can use a text-based configuration and tweak WisePorter directly from the GUI.

But that’s not all we’ve been working on. Here are the “small” pieces we have made better:

  • HTML editor is now available for multi-language parameters
  • We keep polishing the UX. Small things that make using WisePorter easier
  • Statuses can now have their “fallback status”. If validation fails when trying to transition to a status, WisePorter automatically tries to transition to the fallback status
  • The result of Batch Operations now offers more information on what went wrong (in a much more straightforward way).
  • You can now compress data sent via queues 
  • We improved Elasticsearch provisioning so indices drop is almost never required when WisePorter is being upgraded
  • For sake of SaaS, we keep making WisePorter more and more cloud-native


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