Listening: Lenka Michalská in the podcast Buduj značku (CZ only)

Listen to the interview with our colleague Lenka Michalská, who was invited by Petr Schwank to his podcast Buduj značku!

What will you learn?
⚫How to automate sales channels with WisePorter Smart Product Catalog in retail?
⚫Comparison of ERP and PIM – what’s the difference?
⚫How does WisePorter help with scaling?
⚫When is it worth it (e.g. for an e-shop) to switch to Smart Product Catalogu?
⚫Big companies want a reference. But where to get the first one?
⚫How to educate potential customers about your product when you are the only one on the market?
⚫What advice would Lenka give to someone who wants to build a successful IT company?

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