WisePorter Release 2023.1

We’re pleased to announce the release of WisePorter 0.13 as part of the WisePorter 2023.1 release train. We would like to introduce you new features. Let’s take a closer look at them:


The major highlight of this release is an enhanced range of options for working with attachments. In the previous version, WisePorter allowed only referencing images or other types of attachments, and the files themselves had to be stored externally, in your environment.

With the latest WisePorter version, there is no need for external storage unless you want it. You can upload images, videos or any other attachments directly to the catalog. WisePorter saves the attachment number for the product and allows IT systems to download it whenever needed.

Imports and exports

Imports and exports are becoming evergreen – with each release, we take this key functionality a step further. One of the exciting new features is the ability to define a target state directly in the imported data. Now you don’t have to manually move the data to the target state after importing, WisePorter moves the record to the target state as part of the import.

Improved UX filters

We’ve redesigned how we work with filters from the ground to make it even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Automatic code generation for newly created items

You no longer need to enter a unique code when creating items. WisePorter comes up with it for you based on the template you define.

Bulk editing – change of state and change of parameter values

Improved bulk editing now allows you to change multiple items with one click, for all filtered records, even if there are millions of them.

Price list improvement

Do you work with complex objects, called business entities, such as products and their associated offers for individual sales channels or products and their associated document lists? If so, you can now filter the product list by the properties of these components and vice versa. This means you can create lists of the components themselves, and search them by product properties.

Other improvements

  • Dynamic Parameters: Are you familiar with Excel’s Concatenate function, which allows you to combine values from multiple cells into one without having to re-enter them? With WisePorter’s dynamic text feature, you can achieve the same result. For example, instead of manually creating SEO settings for each product, you can create a formula that maps values from existing product parameters, such as name and manufacturer, to the relevant place in the text.
  • Aliases: Item aliases is a useful feature that greatly simplifies integration with the WisePorter Runtime by allowing WisePorter objects to be “named” as the customer’s systems know them. We have now taken this concept even further – in the Runtime, all references to items/enumerations now contain not only WisePorter code but also a complete list of aliases.
  • Runtime Notifications: WisePorter Runtime can notify subsequent systems, typically e-shops, when a new product is published. In some cases, however, the creation notification does not need to contain full details. If you only need the notification to contain part of the data, you can use a new feature called projection, which allows you to exclude unnecessary data from the notification. This reduces the volume of messages, saves resources and makes the messages clearer and easier to process.
  • Update of Libraries: As with every release, we have updated our libraries to the latest versions. This update is essential not only to improve stability and performance but also for security reasons.


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