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Growing e-shop

Growing e-shop

An established Czech e-shop purchases goods from many different suppliers and sells them on its website. Due to its success in the Czech Republic, it is also expanding into the neighboring countries. The e-shop buys from many different suppliers under very different conditions. Every day it receives price and stock updates for thousands of goods, often the same goods are supplied by multiple suppliers. WisePorter automatically imports the updated offers, updates the product descriptions (text, structured and multimedia) and gives shopping recommendations to the merchants. The recommendations take into account the current price as well as other conditions of the specific supplier (quantity discounts, shipping price, etc.). Some decisions are made automatically by WisePorter within set rules, while others are submitted as recommendations to the merchant, who decides on the purchase or on the supplier’s involvement in the offer in the form of drop-shipping.
The company operates its e-shops in various countries on various e-shop platforms (optimized for local conditions). By using WisePorter as a central source of truth, the company is assured that all e-shops offer goods in a consistent manner. At the same time, however, it also runs local promotions when necessary, for example depending on the local supplier’s offer or local holidays.
Thanks to the use of WisePorter, the company also decided to replace its main e-shop solution and its ERP system. By having product data in WisePorter, sales can run on multiple e-shops simultaneously. For the same reason, a few days of ERP downtime has no effect on sales.

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Energy supplier

Energy supplier

An established company supplies electricity and gas to the Czech market. In addition to these basic commodities, it is beginning to offer its customers technological components – solar panels, boilers, etc. The main business objective is to cross-sell and up-sell – to sell much more than before to its satisfied clients and at the same time to get them even more attached for the future. The company uses WisePorter to keep track of the products offered – their description, technical parameters, mutual compatibility, basic prices, geographical availability, etc. At the same time, WisePorter serves as a CPQ (configure-price-quote) system in which the entire solution can be assembled from individual components (solar panel plus batteries, cabling and installation and revision services), the price calculated and a customized quote prepared for the client to sign. Automatically, without human intervention. The total value of the client is taken into account when calculating the price, so a long-term client with a high annual turnover gets a better price than a completely new client.

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E-shop whose suppliers customize their offer themselves

E-shop whose suppliers customize their offer themselves

A retailer of sports and outdoor equipment, which has a quarter of a century of history of sales in brick-and-mortar stores across the Czech Republic. Ten years ago it launched its own e-shop and is gradually developing it. Now it is expanding its e-shop to the whole of Europe. It needs to offer goods from many suppliers – including local suppliers in each region. But it cannot spend its time commissioning it. It needs to involve suppliers in creating the sales form of the products. It is looking for a solution in which suppliers can describe and edit their product offerings themselves.

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Speed and smartness for a telecom operator's e-shop

Speed and smartness for a telecom operator’s e-shop

A major Czech telecom operator has launched an e-shop where it offered its tariffs plus a wide range of mobile phones. The e-shop received information from the central ERP. It quickly became apparent that the e-shop causes a significant slowdown in ERP for its normal users. And also the other way round – the ERP provides information to the e-shop very slowly. The solution was to use WisePorter as a central source of truth about the tariffs and telephones offered for the e-shop (but also for brick-and-mortar stores and call-center). WisePorter downloads new information from the ERP only once, then stores it in a speed-optimized form and provides it to the e-shop and other sales channels. In addition to the description of the products offered, WisePorter also maintains detailed information about the tariffs offered – for example, their (non-)compatibility and technical configuration. This allows WisePorter to translate the customer’s order to internal technology systems within specific setup parameters. WisePorter has added two important features to a functioning e-shop – speed and smartness.

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