3 reasons why to choose WisePorter:
Flexibility, high performance and friendly UX

WisePorter combines wide-ranging flexibility with breathtaking performance – as opposed to any other product catalog on the market (as your IT specialist will confirm). 

WisePorter: what does it comprise and how is it used

WisePorter smart product catalog is composed of two parts – Designer and Runtime.

What you can do yourselves with WisePorter
in a few clicks

Product management

Create products with parameters and options, organize them in lists, define their relationships, hierarchies, prices, discounts … and discover many other features which will make your work fast and comfortable.


Set up prices and price-lists, discounts and time-limited events, even individual prices for selected customers. A price of one product can be defined from many angles – retail, wholesale, cost price, commision scheme, etc.)

Advanced rules

Utilize advanced rules and algorithms to increase your profit. WisePorter smart product catalog helps you offer different product options (with different parameters and prices) based on the information you have about each individual customer.

Product life-cycle management

Manage the product life-cycle throughout all departments – conveniently in one place. WisePorter shows you all information about tasks assigned to specific people, deadlines, approvals, etc. It also notifies all participants what their tasks (and due-dates) are.

Campaign planning

WisePorter helps you to be one step ahead. How about preparing the elaborate Christmas campaign in September – and testing it in the sales applications in advance? You can plan the validity of changes and you can do it yourselves. No need for the IT or traffic team to deploy new data overnight, the system will take care of it automatically when the time comes. You can even give selected customers access to past offerings (e.g. interest rates they were promised in the past).

Reuse already existing product pieces

You don’t need to create new products from scratch in WisePorter, you can base them on existing ones. Simply separate the product essence from the marketing “packaging”. The business team can then enjoy the freedom to package your core products into various marketing offers and short-term campaigns for various target groups. They will do it in a few clicks and, as you have already guessed, without IT support. Just think of the saved time and money.

Product bundling

WisePorter product catalog allows you to create a whole range of product packages – fixed, flexible, marketing, etc. You can automatically offer your clients preferential prices, for example for buying multiple related products together. Your own creativity is the only limit.

Precise offer personalization

Your success in selling to a client depends on the precision with which you meet their true needs. That’s why WisePorter offers many smart tools to help you personalize your offers for various types of clients depending on your marketing model.

Purchase order management

You need to collect a lot of information about the client, their contact details and the purchased product parameters during the purchase process. To save time and money on programming, WisePorter allows you to enter the parameters which will be automatically shown in the purchase forms during the process. WisePorter will automatically check the competences of employees filling in these parameters to avoid mistakes or misuse.

Key take-aways: 3 ways,
in which WisePorter will make your work easier


Since WisePorter was designed specifically for the business users, it is user-friendly and intuitive – no IT knowledge needed.


You can change product types, their parameters, behavior, rights, menus and the catalog’s look without any help from the supplier.


WisePorter can easily handle millions of products and hundreds of thousands requests daily in the minimum setup. If you need more, it is very easy to scale these numbers up.

Business areas

Banks. Telcos. E-commerce. Pharmacology. Production companies. Energy industry.

All these verticals encounter the same types of problems when dealing with their customers, suppliers and distributors. And that is exactly what our smart product catalog solves.

Look at how WisePorter can simplify the work in your specific business area.



Is your e-shop failing to support the influx of customers? Do you need to speed up your reaction to the market changes and multiply your sales potential? Do you need to automate and unify working with your suppliers to better involve them in your product offering and to reduce the costs?

Find out how WisePorter can solve what hurts your business most.